“Yung feeling mo may putok at bad breath ka, kase walang gusto tumabi sayo”: Netizen’s comment of Trillanes’ photo making the rounds online

I assume you have already seen the viral “class picture” below of the senators of the 17th Congress and had a good laugh at the witty labels assigned to each of the senators.

Otherwise, have a look at the photo below for your entertainment.

But did you know that moments before viral “class picture” photo of the senators of the 17th Congress was taken, Trillanes was caught on camera in another awkward situation?

Facebook blogger Odette Dequito-Javier called the attention of the netizens by posting a collage of the photos moments before the senate class picture was taken.

In the meme, Trillanes can be seen aloof at the back of the photo, apparently feeling awkward after realizing he was ignored by his colleagues.

Javier described the awkward of moment of Sen. Trillanes in one sentence.

Yung feeling mo may putok at bad breath ka, kase walang gusto kumausap at tumabi sayo…😂😉😜

The photo has elicited funny comments on social media to describe Trillanes’ awkward moment.

Eon John Flores said that Trillanes was like the classmate who pooed in his pants, that’s why he was hesitant to go near his senate colleagues.

“para siyang yung kaklase nilang tumae sa pantalon kaya hindi lumalapit at baka maamoy siya ha ha h aha”

Oscar Fernandez Picazo says the photo reminds him of an anti-perspirant ad back in the day.

“Noong araw, yung Veto anti-perspirant ad, ang tagline ay ‘If it’s you they are talking about.'”

Junrel Pasinag Junsay

“Mahirap na daw makagat ng naglalaway na asong ulol maam😝kaya cla lumalayo😂”

Nath Gadia

“Parang c T ay pariah yong me leprosy.”

Pilo Fabros

“Bka hndi lng po amoy putok at bad breath si asong ulol…bka amoy lupa na dn kya ayaw tabihan!!😜😄😜”

Rama Maraon

“Multo daw yan nagpapakita kanina😂😂😂”

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