‘Yung Philhealth ni Duterte gamit na gamit sa pandemya. Eh kayo? Sa Dengvaxiang pahamak.’ – DDS Krizette Chu

In light of the P15B Philhealth scandal exposed by a whistleblower at the senate probe, wokes on Twitter have a field day sharing memes attacking President Duterte by turning his pet line, “just a whiff of corruption” against him.

Here’s a tweet from a netizen using the username tweetsmoso who tweeted a meme and captioned it, “Just whiff it! Whiff it good! #WhiffOfCorruption

@thenoelest tweeted that Presidente Duterte is too quiet around the P15B Philhealth scam and asked: “No whiff of corruption?”

Meanwhile on Facebook, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu was figuratively gnashing her teeth at the impertinence of wokes making fun of President Duterte on Twitter.

Chu opened her Facebook post with the standard greeting, if you will.


Chu also acknowledged the wokes whom she said just learned the existence of Philhealth anomalies.


Chu wasted no time and took aim at the wokes whom she accused of having thick hides for pulling out anti-Duterte memes about Duterte’s promise of no corruption. She said it is only the Duterte admin who has the guts to really investigate Philhealth.

‘Ang kakapal ng mga anti Duterte LOL. Makapag pull out ng mga memes about Duterte’s promise of no corruption. Eh this admin nga lang may ginagawa to really investigate Philhealth.’

Chu turned the tables around very quickly by telling the wokes that she hasn’t heard them asks Risa Hontiveros what she knows about Philhealth because it does not suit their narrative.

‘Meanwhile no one among you is asking Risa Hontiveros what she knows about Philhealth because, why, doesn’t suit your narrative. The problem with Philhealth, if you bothered to research (which you won’t because you base everything on memes by paid propagandists), has been there since 1995, with a congress hearing that didn’t deliver anything in 2007.’

Chu thumbed down the wokes lust for bl00d, especially in the absence of proof re versus Philhealth President. Chu hit back that not all people are like them who can make things up out of their asses.

‘Gusto nyo tanggalin agad yung mga tao na wala pang proof of pagnanakaw. Hindi lahat gaya sa inyo na mahilig mag 30,000 EJKs pulled out of your asses.’

Chu went on to highlight the bias of the wokes towards their allies while playing the role of the morally righteous to the hilt.

‘Meanwhile you have a Senator who was with Philhealth playing dumb and blind and dishing empty rhetoric about how people should pay in Philhealth, without offering any concrete statement. So she’s either stupid, or in cahoots, because she won’t say anything.’

Chu praised the wokes for being knowledgeable about things in sarcastic tone.

‘Jusko dami nyong alam. Ngayon lang kayo aware sa mga issues ng bansa no? Lol’

Chu proceeded to inform the wokes Duterte government’s game plan re Philhealth scandal then rubbed it on the faces of wokes how their hero Noynoy never lifted a finger to investigate it rather helped it ran to the ground.

‘The government is creating a task force to investigate Philhealth, including COA, Ombudsman. Which, Btw, your hero Noynoy never did as he helped bankrupt it. DENGVAXIA PA MORE.’

Chu went on to highlight what sets the Duterte government apart from the previous admin.

‘Yung Philhealth ni Duterte gamit na gamit sa pandemya. Eh kayo? Sa Dengvaxiang pahamak.’

Chu concluded the FB post by leaving a guilt-tripping question to the wokes.

‘So ano na, naniniwala talaga kayo kay Risa Hontiveros na wala syang alam?’

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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