Zambales-based UK national accuses this Jesuit priest of turning anti-Duterte advocacy into money-making scheme?

A Zambales-based UK national named Sherry Zimmer has some serious allegation versus a Jesuit priest in a trending Facebook post.

Zimmer believed that the Jesuit priest has taken a page out of Fr. Shay Cullen’s play book – disparage the Philippines, talk about EJKs and collect the money.

Zimmer made her allegation public on Facebook versus this Jesuit priest after the priest’s name was dragged again in the Peter Jomel “Bikoy” Advincula saga.

As per POLITIKO.COM’s article, the same Jesuit priest was also the handlers of anti-Duterte whistleblowers Lascanas and Matobato.

Zimmer wondered why mainstream media never mentioned the name of the Jesuit priest in their news article despite his name having been repeatedly dragged in anti-Duterte destabilization plots.

Zimmer made the allegation as early as February 2018 but none from the mainstream media bothered to pick up her allegation.

You may read Sherry Zimmer’s full FB post below.


This quote from POLITIKO reminded me of a post I did in February 2018, which I am reposting.

“Peter Joemel Advincula, alias “Bikoy”, has named Father Albert Alejo as one of his main handlers who delivered him to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

In a press conference, Advincula said he was offered P500,000 to act as the hooded whistleblower in the “Totoong Narcolist” video by the priest who also handled retired policeman Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas and self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato who testified on the Davao Death Squad and its ties to President Rodrigo Duterte.”

Many of the media outlets in the msm are not mentioning the priest and if they do, they don’t name him.


February 4, 2018 ·
In my Newsfeed, this morning, I read a post by Jennifer Aquino. It was about a priest and so I read it with great interest.

Seemingly, this Jesuit, Fr. Albert Alejo had a meeting in a church, in Daly City, San Francisco. I remember Daly City well, because this is the same place that Senator Trilanes had his HUGE US media event. I did a post about it last year and I even called Pastor Ben Silveneto and asked him if I could rent the hall – it holds 150 – not a huge venue no matter how big a media event it was reported to be, in the mainstream media in the Philippines.

Fr. Alejo’s event was sponsored by FAHRA which stands for Filipino American Human Rights Alliance. I had to scroll down another FB page, Edsa 30 Pagkakaisa to find the invitation. This was not pleasant for me as everyone was wearing yellow – it reminded me of the yellow shirt I had to wear in the 164 Detention Center in Olongapo.

Anyway, Fr. Albert Alejo, is the one who asked Guillermina “Grace” Barrido Arcillas to defame Duterte. I knew nothing about this because I was not following FB or reading Filipino news at the time this was in the media.

So, I went to the Mindavote FB page and watched the video and that is where you can find it. I choose not to post the video but Mindavote is a very interesting page.

Later in the day, I read another post, this time from Mark Lopez and believe it or not, Mark had posted a copy of the donation form to Fr. Alejo’s fundraising effort to ‘Stop the Killings and Start the Healing.”

Folks, we are not talking about small donations. These donations are not being used to feed the poor or take care of the sick. Could they be used to pay for the protesting students’ signs and placards?

Well, what does this tell us? It tells us that there is a lot of money in disparaging President Duterte and running to church halls in the US to do it.

I believe, Fr. Alejo has taken a page out of Fr. Shay Cullen’s play book – disparage the Philippines, talk about EJKs and collect the money.

Screenshot photos shared by Sherry Zimmer.

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