Zubiri vs. Trillanes in URCC? URCC offers to sponsor the fight similar to Baron Geisler-Kiko Matos fight

It can be recalled that Senators Zubiri and Trillanes had a heated debate in the senate floor so intense that Zubiri challenged Trillanes to a fight.

But cooler heads prevailed, and the fight did not materialize.

Social media people had a fun time speculating who would win the fight in case, just in case it pushes through.a

Eventually the issue died a natural death after another issue buried it in the consciousness of the netizens.

But wait! How do you like the idea of a Zubiri-Trillanes in URCC? Well there is a small chance this is happening. Here’s why!

Word got around that URCC is willing to sponsor a fight between Trillanes and Zubiri to once and for all settle the debate who wins the fight between the senators.

According to the URCC (United Reality Combat Championships) President Alvin Aguilar, the two are evenly matched since Zubiri is a former world champion in arnis while Trillanes has military training.

The match could be set as early as next month and could be included as one of the main attractions of the league.

As of this writing, the opposing camps have not released s a statement on the matter.


URCC, nag-alok na i-host ang bakbakan nina Sen. Migz Zubiri at Antonio Trillanes

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Posted by News5 on Monday, February 6, 2017

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